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This Trucking Cost Per Mile App allows Owner Operators To Chart Their Truck Operating Cost While Editing Their Operating Cost Per Mile Calculations on a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Basis.

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The Trucking Cost Per Mile App was built based upon suggestions by both the new Owner Operators who didn’t quite understand the importance of knowing their truck operating cost per mile and more experienced Owner Operators who wanted an App that was simple to use yet provided a much clearer representation of the cost per mile they need in order to determine the true impact of their load selections and the effects that their trucking cost per mile have on the overall operations of their business.

The Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator allows Owner Operators to be able to calculate and edit their truck cost per mile on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis since new Owners do not initially have a good idea of their annual miles when they begin to use the App. The App provides an existing list of expected trucking expenses that most Owner Operators share where Owner Operators can add their own expenses and delete those in which they do not use. This is also most important for the new Owner Operators.

For the more experienced Owner Operators, the Trucking Cost Per Mile App gives Owner Operators the option to chart their expenses based on their fixed and variable cost so that they can see clearly which expenses are having the biggest impact on their business operations and a more accurate representation of the cents per mile for lower individual expenses so that they can make the necessary changes to increase their profits on the loads they run.

The bottom line is that Owner Operators who want their business to be profitable need to know their numbers. This is the most important information you’ll ever need to know, if you don’t, then you are running your business in the blind and leaving all the profits on the table for someone else to grab. Why would you even want to do this?

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The Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator is included in the following Apps:

Solo Leased and Owner Operators Trucking Cost Per Mile App
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