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Jan 21

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  • Files saved from your Truckers Trip Planning App will have to be saved locally first to your Downloads Folder and then uploaded to Drive, Dropbox and such. Unless you are using the Truckers Trip Planning App on more than one device or concerned about storage, it's probably best to save to your devices local storage. This is because to reopen the file you will have to download it back to the local storage before you can open the file. To Upload the files: Open The Drive, Dropbox App Click on the "+" sign to add a file Click on "Upload" Select The Menu at left Click on "Internal Storage" Select the "Download" folder Choose the file you want to add to Drive, Dropbox etc. The File is Automatically saved. If you want to save space you can delete the local copy. However, To Reopen the File at a later date: You can reopen the file from your devices local storage (if not deleted) or you can reopen it from Drive or Dropbox. To reopen the file from Drive or Dropbox it will need to first be downloaded. Open The Drive, Dropbox App Locate the file you want to open Click on the miles options icon Select "Download" The files is downloaded to your devices local "Download" folder. Open the Truckers Trip Planning App Select "Review Current Load" and Choose "Saved Load." Select the Load from your "Downloads" File The Truckers Trip Planning App opens the File in the App and goes to the "Workflow Page".
  • Q. If I do not intend to accept a load, should I save it? A. No! You should never save a load until you are ready to accept the load. If you save the load, then incorrect financial data will be recorded to your success metrics. If something happens and you find that you cannot run the load for one reason or another then you will have to reset the App to clear the data which will erase all of the data from your success metrics.


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