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How To Use The 150 Air-Miles App

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

150 Air-Miles App step by step instructions. Learn how to use the 160 kilometer calculator, the 50, 75, 100, and the 150 air mile radius calculator, record your work, and report your daily status to your carrier for retention while eliminating the need for expensive Electronic Logging Devices (ELD).

The 150 Air-Miles App is simple to use, yet it is a powerful tool to meet the requirements

you need to meet under the short haul exemptions of Title 49 CFR Section 395.1 and the Canadian Motor Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Rules Section 81(2) without having to pay the enormous cost of ELD's.

Electronic logging devices can range anywhere from $20 to $30 per truck. If you have only 5 trucks for example, you can expect to pay on the high end $1800 per year and on the lower end $1200 per year. However,

With the cost of the 150 Air Miles App at $6.99 per truck you pay only $419.40 per year which leaves even on the lower end of the cost of an ELD, a savings of $780.60 on your account to handle other much needed expenses.

So why would you pay the cost of the ELD when you can have the tools you need to meet your requirements at a much lower cost?

To use the 150 Air-Miles App follow me in the video or follow my step by step instructions below:

Edit Your Settings:

From the Home Screen, select "Settings" to go to the settings page and personalize your settings so that you will only be required to enter this information once. The 150 Air-Miles App will retain this information and make it available whenever you use the app.

Enter your "First and Last Name" your "Truck Number or Type" and your "Trailer Number" which will automatically be recorded on your daily status report.

Enter the "Zip Code of your Work Reporting Location", select your "Air-Mile Radius", select your "HOS Preference" and then "Save and Close" the Settings Page and return to the Home Screen.

Update Your Hours of Service Recap!

From the Home Screen select "Update HOS" to go to the Hours of Service Recap Calculator page.

Enter the hours you worked for the last seven or eight days. If you have not started work for the current day, leave the current day blank. However, if you have worked, go ahead and add in that time as well.

Use the "Update Your HOS Available" button to calculate the hours of service used in the last seven or eight days, the hours of service that you currently have available to work, and if allowed by your HOS Rules, The hours you will gain back at midnight.

Select "Close" to close this page and to return to the Home Screen.

Your 150 Air-Mile App is now setup and ready for you to use!

When you are ready to start work:

First use the "Check Your Air Mile Radius Button" to determine if your deliveries fall within the radius surrounding your Work reporting zip code.

Your request will include numerous zip codes depending upon the size of your air mile radius. You can narrow the list down to your delivery zip code by using the search field to determine if your delivery zip code falls within your work reporting zip code radius.

After you make the determination that the delivery zip code falls within your radius, close out the "Zip Codes In Your Radius" page and return to the Home Screen.

Start Your Work!

From the Home Screen select "Start Work" to go to the "Shift Recording" page.

Enter the "Date" and the "Time" in which you started work.

Next start your "Pre-Trip Inspection" and be sure to add the starting "Odometer Reading", the "Date" and "Time" of your Pre-Trip.

When you are ready, start driving to your first delivery for the day.

At any time that you stop for fuel, or even when you cross the border into another State or Province be sure to update your "Fuel and Mileage Report" and add a photo receipt of your purchased fuel to the final report.

After you complete the delivery, select "Add A Delivery" and go to the "Drivers Daily Report" page:

Enter the "Date" and the "Time" of the delivery.

If you have already saved the customers address in your address book, select the address from the address book, if you have not then select the "Add A Customer Address" to go to your address book:

To add a customer select "Add New" to enter the customers details on the "Edit Customers" page. Save the Customer's details. NOTE: to edit a customer address, click on any of the customer's details to reopen the "Edit Customers" page. Select "Close" to close your address book.

Return to the "Drivers Daily Report" page and use the drop down box to select the customer's address for your delivery.

Add a photo of your bill of laden, sales invoice etc. by selecting "Camera" or "Gallery" and then close the "Drivers Daily Report" and;

Return to the "Shift Recording" page.

If at any time you go off duty Enter your log out "Date" and "Time" and when you are ready to return to work, check the box to "Add a New Shift" and log back in with a new "Date" and "Time".

At any time that you complete another delivery, use the "Add A Delivery" button to return to the "Drivers Daily Report" page and use the next delivery section to add the delivery to the report.

When you have returned to your work reporting location and ready to close out for the day, first close out your "Fuel and Mileage Report" and add the ending "Odometer Reading". Then Perform a "Post Trip Inspection". Be sure to update the "Date" and "Time" that you are performing your Post Trip Inspection.

Enter your log out "Date" and "Time", use the button to "Calculate Your Day 7 or Day 8 Shift Hours", then use the button to "Update Your Available Hours", and optionally use the button to "Review and Edit Your HOS Recap".

Select "Submit Your Daily Report" and go to the "Drivers Daily Report" page. At this time you will see that the 150 Air Miles App has completed your Drivers Daily Duty Status.

Convert the report to PDF and send your Drivers Daily Duty Status to your carrier for retention.

On the "Drivers Daily Report" Scroll to the bottom of the page and Select "Print to PDF" Wait a few seconds for the report to be converted and choose where you want to save the PDF file.

You can email the PDF report from the folder in which you saved it using your email or if your carrier prefers you can load it on the carriers drop box, drive, one note, iCloud etc.

Download PDF • 41KB

Finally, return to the shift page of the app, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the button to "Clear Shifts". This will prepare you for the next days delivery by clearing everything except the "Settings" and your "HOS Recap".

You can save tons of money using the 150 Air Miles App versus paying $20 - $30 a month for an Electronic Logging Device that you are not required to use.

If you haven't already done so, visit the website to download the 150 Air Miles App today.

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