NEW Trip Planning App Put Truck Drivers In Control Of Their Time?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The Truckers Trip Planning App is the original hours of service trip planning app released in 2016. While ALK Technologies and Trimble's "MileOn App" released in 2018 claim to be "Brand New" a closer examination shows that it closely resembles the Truckers Trip Planning App masked with planning rest breaks.

Let's see "What's Actually New About This App?"

FACT: In 2015, there was no app on the market to assist drivers in answering the questions they needed to answer before accepting and planning loads. While development began as early as March 2015,

The Truckers Trip Planning App Was Released in 2016

As a Company Truck Driver, I learned from experience while stressed out in the Truck as early as 2015 that professional drivers lacked the tools necessary to quickly identify and plan "Acceptable loads". After driving as a Lease Operator for 7 weeks without a paycheck in 2016, I experienced firsthand how important it was to analyze the loads I was accepting. So in contrast to the many wonderful routing apps on the market at the time to help you get truck routes and find parking, I built the Truckers Trip Planning App with the precedence of "accepting the load and then planning the route". John Watson (Truck Driver, Developer, Owner, and General Manager, Young And Healthy Marketing LLC)

The Truckers Trip Planning App 2017 News Release

In 2017 We Partnered with TeleType Co., Inc. and the SmartTruckRoute II App to provide Commercial Truck Routes, Turn-By-Turn Navigation, Real Time Traffic, Weather, Available Parking, POIs like Truck Stops, Rest Stops, and more!

Instead of Re-inventing the Wheel, The Truckers Trip Planning App does a Handshake with the SmartTruckRoute II App

How Powerful was this idea that was built by truck drivers just like you?

"This is exactly what I've been looking for; not only for figuring out if we have enough hours for a load but also if the load is cost effective."

Mid-Tenn Transit LLC  October 2, 2017 (Google Play)

"Give this app a try and YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. This app is a game changer!!" Jerome H. January 24, 2018 (Google Play)

"At this time there no other app I found that comes close this app!! Thank you and keep the development up!"

Derek C.  April 24, 2018 (Google Play)


Here are some relevant facts:

  1. In November 2017 we reported an abuse claim to Amazon AWS that one of their clients using their Internet Protocol Address (ip address) came on to our server with an Android Emulator and downloaded all 20 versions of the Truckers Trip Planning App.

  2. Amazon AWS admitted on November 28, 2017, that this was in fact one of their clients but claim to have a policy not to release the name of their client but did not complete their investigation until July 28, 2018.

  3. The Hacking continue with the latest attempt to get version 30 of the Truckers Trip Planning App on February 9, 2019.


In June of 2018, ALK Technologies Releases The "MileOn App" and advertises as follows:

"New trip planning app puts truck drivers in control of their time"

When asked on October 26, 2018, "Did you see an existing product and find a way to make it better or is this vision entirely yours?" ALK Technologies, Inc on October 26, 2018 responded, "We realized a couple years