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Truckers Trip Planning App, the only hours of service trip planning app for truck drivers that lets you calculate a load's required Hours of Service, ETA, NAT, Generated Revenue, Profit or Loss, and respond to Dispatchers or Brokers with fast but accurate load decisions in less than 5 minutes!

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The Truckers Trip Planning App Is Based on Hours of Service Trip Planning And Load Profitability!


Truckers Trip Planning App News Release

The Original Hours Of Service Trip Planning App For Truck Drivers!

"Great app have been using it since 2016. very accurate tools for planning a load." 

Richard N.

The "Truckers Trip Planning App" was "Built By Truckers For Truckers" with the tools to answer the most important questions Company Truck Drivers and Owner Operator Truck Drivers need to answer to make accurate load decisions in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Do you have the hours of service required by your assigned load?

  2. Can you legally deliver your assigned load on time?

  3. Will your assigned load generate enough revenue to sustain your Bottom Line?

"This App really makes trucking life easier! Thanks again for the help and for the amazing app!!!"  Chris D.

Dispatchers should be building cohesive relationships with their drivers. Company  Truck Drivers should no longer be running loads that they cannot legally deliver on time. Lease and Owner Operators should no longer be running loads that does not satisfy their "Bottom Line!"

What Are You Waiting For?

Make Your Life In The Truck Easier!

Solo Company Drivers - Team Company Drivers - Solo Lease Operators - Team Lease Operators - Owner Operators


Your Truckers Trip Planning App can be used on your Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows Phone, or Your  Windows PC

No Subscription Required! One-Time Cost For All Apps!

Truck Drivers, both new and old, should be aware that finding truck stops, finding parking, and planning rest breaks are all second nature to making accurate decisions as to whether you should run your load in the first place and that you can't accurately calculate load requirements using Drive Time and PC Miler's straight line miles!

How The Truckers Trip Planning App Works!

Accept The Load - Plan Your Load - Run Your Load - Track Your Income And Your Expenses!

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