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The Owner Operator Truck Cost Per Mile Calculator helps Owner Operators and Lease Operators calculate their truck operating cost per mile for comparison to the rate per mile that a load is actually paying.

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Use The Owner Operator Truck Cost Per Mile Calculator To Sustain Your "Bottom Line"!

Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator Video

Truck cost per mile calculator Video

The Owner Operator Truck Cost Per Mile Calculator is one of the vital tools that Owner Operators and Lease Operators need to help them to quickly see if a load will result in a profit or a loss and whether the load will help to sustain their bottom line.


The owner operator truck cost per mile calculator feeds relevant calculations to the truckers profit and loss spreadsheet which is the final tool that should tell the Owner Operator whether a load is profitable and helps the Owner Operator make sound load decisions before running unacceptable loads.


Edit the truck cost per mile calculator to add in your fixed and variable cost that are associated with your business and the calculations will be done automatically as you type. The calculator will only need to be filled out once and from there, whenever you need to, just update whatever changes you have. The owner operator truck cost per mile calculator will then render the rate per mile a load should pay in order to cover the Owner Operator's overall cost of operations. 


This information is vital if you plan to achieve a successful  owner operator trucking business and it helps to avoid running loads that send you straight into debt. This is why the truck cost per mile calculator is also the prerequisite form to help the Owner Operator determine the actual revenue generated by the load and feeds the necessary information into the truckers trip sheet which ultimately provides that information.

There are many other important achievements that can be accomplished by filling out the owner operator truck cost per mile calculator. One is that it includes in the cost per mile calculation, the cents per mile Owner Operators need to generate a weekly paycheck. This is based on 30% of the total trucking cost. The percentage can be raised or lowered and should be based on the Owner Operators cost outside of the truck.

Get Step by Step Instructions on the Truck Cost Per Mile Calculator


After completing this form you should go to the trucker trip sheet to see what the load actually pays.


Get access to the owner operator trucking cost per mile calculator by downloading the truckers trip planning app now and start your growth towards a successful owner operator trucking business.

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