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Use the owner operator success metrics to visually see what the load would do to your bottom line and to help you make decisions about how to improve.

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Use The Owner Operator Success Metrics To See How The Load Affects Your "Bottom Line"!

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The Chart works hand-in-hand with the truckers trip sheet and Load Profitability report.


With this tool you can see instantly whether the revenue generated by the load would be sufficient to help you maintain a successful business. You can see that if at any time the Operating cost exceeds the Revenue generated by the load that you are headed for disaster. You can see that you need to make some decisions for improvement.

For example, if you see the Operating cost exceeding or even taking up too much of the generated Revenue that you need to find more loads and increase your overall miles so that you aren't running just enough or not enough to pay the bills. 

You can also make decisions about your salary and your overall business profits. For example you can see where you may be able to increase your salary percentage to pay yourself a reasonable income while you continue to maintain enough profit for the business to sustain itself during difficult times like maintenance issues or a simple slowdown of freight.


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The Owner Operator Success Metrics is included in the following Apps:

Owner Operator Success Metrics
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