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The Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator is a stand alone app for team drivers based on team hours of service that do not require internet so that you can determine if you can successfully deliver a load and quickly respond to dispatchers and brokers.


48 Hour Refund Policy Does Not Apply

Team HOS ETA App
Get The Stand-Alone App!

This App is Developed and Distributed by Young And Healthy Marketing LLC!

We do not authorize or support apps downloaded from Pirated Websites!

Compatible with IPhone, IPad, Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Android

No Longer Requires Internet After Download!


NOTE: A PayPal Account is Not Required! Click on Try Another Method, Then select to Pay with a Debit or Credit Card!

  • Calculate the Hours of Service and ETA requirements of your Team Driver loads in areas of little or no internet and quickly respond to Dispatchers and Brokers with informed load decisions.

  • Calculate the Earliest Start Time necessary to achieve on-time pickup and delivery.

  • Calculate the total hours required to run your load taking in consideration the number of hours needed for rest breaks.

  • Supports the US Property 70/8, US Property 60/7, and the Canadian South 70/7 Cycle 1 Team Drivers Hours of Service Rules.

  • Calculate your Teams Hours of Service Gained and Available Hours of Service after the Load.

  • Use on Multiple Devices as long as the devices are yours.

  • By downloading here on the website you save $5.00

  • See How The Team Drivers HOS ETA App Works!

Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator For Team Drivers

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