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The Truckers Trip Planning App for Solo Lease and Owner Operators gives you the tools to instantly calculate and use your operating cost, your avg mpg, the cost of fuel, and the load rate to make accurate decisions based on profitability and the impact on your business before accepting your loads.

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The Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Lease And Owner Operators Helps Solo Lease  Operators and Solo Owner Operators Stay Profitable!

Solo Leased and Owner Operator Truckers Trip Planning App Video

Solo Leased And Owner Operator Video

To be profitable Lease Operators and Owner Operators need to make fast but accurate load decisions about loads which they can quickly determine to be profitable loads, or loads that will have a negative impact on their business. Lease Operators and Owner Operators also need to manage their time, and properly manage their trucking business.


The Truckers Trip Planning App provides the Lease Operator and Owner Operator with the necessary tools they need for making those accurate load decisions but also the tools for proper Time Management and Business Management as well.

Fast, But Accurate Load Decisions Is the Primary Consideration:


In making fast but accurate load decisions, Lease Operators and Owner Operators need more information than that which is simply provided by determining the drive hours necessary for a load. This information is very necessary but it is not complete. Along with this information, you need to know all the hours of service required by the load so that you can compare it to the hours of service in which you currently have available to run the load. What this means is that you need tools that will allow you to see not only the drive hours but also the on-duty hours required while you are not driving and you also need to take in consideration the required rest breaks so that you can see the total time that it will take you to actually run the load. This way you can know your accurate Estimated Time of Arrival and your Next Available Time in which you will be available for your next load.

To make fast but accurate load decisions, Lease Operators and Owner Operators need to know their numbers.

The most important numbers you need to know immediately is your truck operating cost per mile, the average miles per gallon for your truck, and the average cost of fuel at the time of the load. Knowing your numbers will help you to quickly determine whether the load is profitable.


Taking in consideration the information you need, and the time in which you need to process this information, the Truckers Trip Planning App provides Lease Operators and Owner Operators with the necessary tools to make Fast, But Accurate Load Decisions in less than 5 minutes.

Time Management Should Be Your Secondary Consideration:


Staying on time is vital towards being profitable because being consistently on time with your deliveries will unlock greater opportunities for more miles and more loads. With a proven track record, Brokers and dispatchers will favor you and provide you with the necessary loads that you need to remain profitable because they will know that you take pride in being on time. In managing your time, you need to plan how you will proceed to run the load and you need to plan out each day that the load requires. In doing this you need to determine for each day how long you will need to drive and you will need an adequate resource to ensure that you have truck specific routes that you can follow without having to constantly make adjustments to the route that you have chosen.

Taking in consideration your need to properly manage your time and the need for truck specific routes, the Truckers Trip Planning App provides Lease Operators and Owner Operators with the necessary tools to assist you with Time Management.


Business Management Should Be Your Overall Consideration:


No Lease Operator or Owner Operator should argue against the fact that you are out there on the road to make money and that you have chosen to make money by running your own Trucking Business. Therefore, it should be your greatest asset to have available those tools necessary to run your business. The most important of those tools are those which allow you to monitor your business, calculate your profits and your losses, and to keep proper records.


The Truckers Trip Planning App provides Lease Operators and Owner Operators with the tools they need to properly manage their business. With these tools you can quickly determine if you are remaining profitable or headed straight into debt and if you are paying close attention, you can use these tools to help you make better load decisions that will quickly correct those things that are going seriously wrong.

The Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Lease And Owner Operators Workflow

The Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Lease Operators And Owner Operators Screenshots


What Current Users Say:

"So far, the results have been accurate & time-saving. Any trucker serious about staying on time should consider this tool!" 

R. Rambeau (Google Play)

"This is exactly what I've been looking for; not only for figuring out if we have enough hours for a load but also if the load is cost effective."

Mid-Tenn Transit LLC (Google Play)

"I am a company driver but I have aspirations of owning my own truck. The app is helpful. My first load was a three stop load . I was running very close to my 70 hr.limit, the app showed me I could do it. Customer support is great. Watching the video completely helped too."

Bill V. (Google Play)

"The app is works well. Love the app. Company drivers you can use too. The app It gives you a clear ideal when to take or not a load base on the hours. It also gives you a real time view of your revenue per load. At this time there no other app I found that comes close this app!! Thank you and keep the development up!"

Derek C. (Google Play)

"I personally purchased this App. It works great for me. I would't travel without it. I look forward to using it all the time."

Cupid2 (

"I came back. I've took a glance at it. Wow. Mega improvement This is bye far the most awesome app ever I have a tablet as well can I use it there"

Tony P. (Google Play)

"As a newbie it was absolutely critical for making my job easier. Save me an 1 1/2 hrs to trip plan and many more time in the day when I have to update my ETA and NAT on the Qualcomm. Tech. Support was very helpful in helping me start with this app."

Steve C. (Google Play)

Truckers Expense Reports
Truckers Expense Reports - Accounting App

Setup your truck, Update your income, and post your load related expenses into your personal accounting system and attach photo receipts.

Follow this Workflow to Plan a new Load!

Hours of Service Rules Icon
Hours of Service Rules

When planning a new load, you'll need to first select your hours of service preference. See the Truckers Trip Planning App supported hours of service rules.

Hours of Service Calculator- Recap Calculator Icon
Hours of Service - Recap Calculator

Use the  Hours of Service Calculator and the Recap Calculator to identify your hours of service available for a load and the hours of service to gain after midnight.

Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet Icon
Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet With Multiple Stops

The Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet is the driving page for the rest of the App. Record Your Loads requirements here before using any other part of the App.

Hours o Service Calculator - ETA Calculaor Icon
Hours of Service -  ETA Calculator

Review the Hours of Service Calculator and ETA Calculator to see the hours of Service required to run the load and to determine if you can achieve on-time delivery.

Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator Icon
Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator

Update the Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator making the necessary changes to ensure that you are always aware of the trucking cost required to continue profitable operations.

Trucker Trip Sheet Icon
Trucker Trip Sheet And Load Revenue Calculator

As an Owner Operator, you should update the Trucker Trip Sheet with your Load pay percent and Fuel Surcharge Percent so that you can clearly see the load's true revenue.

Owner Operator Trucking Profit or Loss Spreadsheet Icon
Owner Operator Trucking Profit or Loss Spreadsheet

Review the Owner Operator Trucking Profit or Loss Spreadsheet to determine if the load is profitable based upon your cost of operations as  compared to the cost to run the load.

Truckers Weather App Icon
Truckers Weather App

Use the Truckers Weather App to make decisions based upon the current and future forecast of the weather at your current location and the stops along your route.

Trucker Trip Planner Icon
Trucker Trip Planner

Use The Trucker Trip Planner to plan your work and rest hours to help you ensure that you drive without stress while continuously achieving on time delivery.

Success Metrics Icon
Success Metrics

As an Owner Operator, you can use the Success Metrics to measure your load decisions to see how your load choices are affecting your overall business.

Commercial Truck Routes

Proceed to your delivery with Commercial Truck Routes that are specific to your load configuration and avoid low clearances and restricted routes. 

If you are ready to drive without the stress of not knowing whether you'll get there on time or whether or not you'll even generate any revenue with your load, you should download the "Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Lease Operators And Owner Operators." TODAY!

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