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Get Commercial truck routes directly from the SmartTruckRoute App so that you can drive your route and not worry about low clearances and restricted routes.

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Get Commercial Truck Routes! Avoid Low Clearances and Restricted Routes.

Commercial Truck Routes Video
Commercial Truck Routes Video

The Truckers Trip Planning App uses the SmartTruckRoute App to get your truck specific routes. This app is not required but added for those who do not have a routing system or those that already use it. However, to use this feature of the App you'll need to get a subscription to the SmartTruckRoute App. We suggest that you get the SmartTruckRoute 2 version of the app which is their latest version. This way you can enjoy all of the features that they provide.

With this app you can:


  • Get truck specific routes and avoid tolls, low clearances, and restricted routes.

  • See your destination before you get there so that you can plan your approach.

  • Find loads that are available in your current location and at or near your destination.

  • Odometer export with IFTA Fuel Tax Report Requirements

The ability for you to get truck specific routes makes the Truckers Trip Planning App a complete resource for all truckers to have in their truck.​ Download this tool today. 

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Commercial Truck Routes Screenshots

Commercial Truck Routes Trip Settings
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