150 Air Miles App download with the much needed 50, 75, 100, 150 air-mile radius calculator and the 160 kilometers calculator that helps truck drivers and passenger drivers to easily build their daily reports and report their duty status to their carriers.

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150 Air Miles App
For Fleets and Individual Drivers

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Compatible with IPhone, IPad, Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Android

The 150 Air Miles App Features And Benefits

  • Built specifically for truck drivers and passenger drivers who operate under the 50, 75, 100, and 150 air mile radius criteria and the 160 kilometer radius criteria.

  • Supports the following Drivers Hours of Service Rules: US Property 70/8, US Passenger 70/8, US Property 60/7, US Passenger 60/7, Alaska Property 70/7,  Alaska Passenger 70/7, Alaska Property 80/8, Alaska Passenger 80/8, California Property 80/8, California Passenger 80/8, Texas Intrastate Property 70/7, the Driver/Salesperson 40/7 Hours of Service Rules and the Canadian 70/7 Cycle 1 Hours Of Service Rules.

  • Truck Drivers and Passenger Drivers can instantly search the zip codes within their 150 air-mile radius or 100 air-mile radius using the 150 and 100 air mile radius calculator  and the postal codes within 160 kilometers to ensure that delivery zip and postal codes does not cause them to exceed their operational radius.

  • Calculate your hours of service worked for up to 5 deliveries and 5 shifts.

  • Calculate your hours of service worked and either automatically or manually update your Hours of Service Recap Calculator.

  • Automatically build your drivers daily log as you work with little to no effort on your part and send a PDF Report to your carrier at the end of the work day.

  • Use on Multiple Devices as long as the Devices are yours.

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"Eliminate the need for expensive ELD's!"

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