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The Trucking Cost Per Mile App is a stand-alone app that Lease and Owner Operators can use to Quickly Calculate their operating Cost Per Mile When they do not need the complete Truckers Trip Planning App.

Cost Per Mile Calculator
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This App is Developed and Distributed by Young And Healthy Marketing LLC!

We do not authorize or support apps downloaded from Pirated Websites!

Compatible with IPhone, IPad, Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Android


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This App is Temporarily Unavailable.

  • Know what it cost per mile to Operate Your Truck so that you can make informed decisions in selecting future loads that will sustain and help you grow your business!

  • Your data is automatically retained and only needs updating when changes, additions, or deletions are necessary.

  • Calculate and Edit your Truck Cost Per Mile on a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis.

  • Automatically Calculate your Vehicle Cost Per Mile, your Salary Cost Per Mile, and your Truck Operating Cost Per Mile.

  • Automatically Chart Expenses based on Fixed and Variable Cost and visually see what expenses needs your immediate attention.

  • Adjust and lower your salary percentage to balance your business profits against your personal expenses without jeopardizing your opportunity to remain profitable overall.

  • Use on Multiple Devices as long as the devices are yours.

  • See How The Owner Operator Cost Per Mile App Works!

Owner Operator Trucking Cost Per Mile App

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