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Use the Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet to record the pickup and destination information directly from your dispatch to instantly see if you can accept the dispatch.

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Complete The Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet From Your Dispatch

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It should take you less than a minute to record this information. This is the most important worksheet in our Truckers Trip Planning App. With a minimal amount of information it drives all the other important reports and must be completed for the App to work.

It's one thing to get a dispatch, but if you are not careful to analyze the dispatch before you accept it, then it is quite possible that you'll regret it later. The Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet is the perfect tool to have when you receive your dispatches at the last minute and is expected to just take off running. With our Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet you only need a few pieces of information to get right back to your dispatcher with instant decisions. Once again, this information can be extracted directly from the dispatch and used to get valuable information to not only decide if a load is worth accepting but can also help you to effectively plan the load as well.


Once you type in the information on the Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet, it will automatically generate your ETA's your NAT and give you other valuable Information such as the required on duty hours necessary to reach tour destination on time. With that Information you simply compare it to your remaining hours of service and you can decide from there if you can legally accept the dispatch. See the truckers hours of service calculator, time management, and ETA caiculator.


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