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The Hours of Service App - Recap Calculator is a stand alone app for solo drivers who just want to have a separate tool to recap their hours of service and maintain their recap on their mobile device without having to open any other apps.

Solo HOS Recap App
Get The Stand-Alone App!

48 Hour Refund Policy Does Not Apply

No Longer Requires Internet After Download!

Compatible with IPhone, IPad, Windows PC, Windows Phone, and Android

This App is Developed and Distributed by Young And Healthy Marketing LLC!

We do not authorize or support apps downloaded from Pirated Websites!


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This App is Temporarily Unavailable.

  • Recap and keep track of your Solo Driver Hours of Service to determine the available hours of service to run your next load. 

  • Retain your hours of service recap until cleared or reset.

  • Recalculate your available hours and hours to be gained simply by clicking on the day of your reset..

  • Supports 14 different hours of service rules for Solo drivers to include the US Property 70/8, US Property 60/7, US Passenger 70/8, US Passenger 60/7, Alaska Property 80/8, Alaska Property 70/7, Alaska Passenger 80/8, Alaska Passenger 70/7, California Property 80/8, California Passenger 80/8, Texas 70/7, Canadian South 70/7 Cycle 1, European Union Basic, and the Australian Standard.

  • Eliminates the confusion over which is Day 8 and which is Day 1 since the days are shown by actual dates.

  • Hours shift down at midnight and clears the current day for new entries.

  • Use on Multiple Devices as long as the devices are yours.

  • See How The Solo Drivers HOS Recap App Works!

Hours of Service App - Recap Calculator For Solo Drivers

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