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Hours of service app and eta calculator for solo truck and bus drivers that allow you to calculate the requirements of your load and respond to dispatchers and brokers with accurate load decisions without internet.


Use The Hours of Service App and ETA Calculator When No Other Apps Will Work!

Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator (Solo) Video

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While the "Hours of Service and ETA Calculator" is included in the Truckers Trip Planning App, there often are times as an over the road driver when you need to quickly make load decisions based on hours of service where tools that require internet to use are rendered useless. The Hours of Service ETA Calculator for Solo Truck and Bus Drivers does not require internet and was developed to be available for use when other tools are not. 

If you have ever found yourself in an area where you do not have internet, whether it is because you ran out of service or simply because your provider is not active in the area where you are located, or whatever the case may be, then you will find the Hours of Service App and ETA Calculator to be a very valuable tool to have in your toolbox of available apps.

The Hours of Service App and ETA Calculator does not have all the tools available in the full Truckers Trip Planning App and was extracted as a stand alone app with the minimal tools necessary to recap your available hours of service, record your dispatch for reference, and calculate your load requirements to include your required hours of service, your required rest breaks, and your ETA for your pickup and delivery when no other tools are available due to a lack of internet resources.

The Hours of Service App and ETA Calculator is simple to use and only requires the same information that you would normally write down on paper anyway. The App even retains the calculations for as long as you need it until you later decide to reset the app to plan another load.


Once the Hours of Service App and ETA Calculator is downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store it is ready when you need it. However, if you download the App from the website, once you have downloaded, just long press the icon to send a shortcut to your home screen.

Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator (Solo) Screenshots

The Hours of Service ETA Calculator for Solo drivers is included in the trip planning apps:

The Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator for Solo drivers can be downloaded as a stand alone app here:

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