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The trucker trip sheet is very simple yet reveals powerful information generated by the forms you already completed.

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The Trucker Trip Sheet Helps You Instantly See The Revenue Generated By The Load!

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All you have to do here is to record your trucks average miles per gallon , the average cost of fuel at the time you will run the load, the percentage of the gross pay for the load that you will receive, and the percentage of the fuel surcharge that you will receive. The Trucker Trip Sheet will instantly reveal how much revenue will be generated by the load, and the actual rate per mile in which the load is paying.


Now that you can see the revenue generated by the load and the rate per mile in which the load is paying, everything would probably look appealing enough for you to accept the load after comparing this to your truck's operating cost per mile. However, you still can't determine if the load is at all profitable.


Remember the fixed and variable cost that is associated with operating your business. Those two things along with the information generated here on the Trucker Trip Sheet will have an enormous affect on whether or not the load is actually profitable.


This is why the information you review on this chart feeds the trucking profit and loss spreadsheet so that you can quickly see whether the load is profitable or not.


You should go to that chart from here, so that you can see the second most important report that will be generated by the truckers trip planning app.


Get access to the truckers trip planning app now.


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The Trucker Trip Sheet is included in the following Apps:

Solo Leased and Owner Operators Truckers Trip Sheet
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