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The Truckers Trip planning App is a suite of apps geared towards helping Professional Drivers make fast but accurate Load decisions. The Apps are based on the experience of actual drivers in the truck and our own experiences as well as that of Owners and Dispatchers who have joined our team who provide us with positive feedback of their needs.

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After driving for a Trucking Company for seven weeks without making a paycheck and being rushed into loads that we had no way of delivering on time while being manipulated in such a manner as to always feel that we needed to be in a hurry, we decided it was time to "PUT THE HORSE BEFORE THE CART!" and "TAKE CONTROL OF OUR OWN DESTINY!"

OUR MISSION: Separate ourselves from the competition by allowing Professional Drivers, Company Owners, and Dispatchers to dictate the content of our apps to ensure that our goals are not only focused but Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound so as to be a typical example of the true meaning behind Apps that are "BUILT BY TRUCKERS, FOR TRUCKERS!"

OUR VISION: The Truckers Trip Planning App is the only app for truckers on the market where you can calculate your load's required hours of service, your estimated time of arrival (ETA), your next available time (NAT), your load's true revenue, and your load's profit or loss In less than 5 minutes!


Our vision is simple! We intend to be the Industry Leader of Apps that put the safety and financial stability of Professional Drivers in the forefront rather than viewing this second nature to load delivery. We don't have any intentions of simply claiming to be the "Most Popular App" out there. Instead, we intend to earn that kind of respect by setting the example for those who do and proving to our clients that we take their interest first.

OUR GOALS: Rather than seeing Professional Drivers in the truck frustrated we have four promary goals that we focus on as we build our apps and have adopted a concept in which we hope to help drivers S.M.I.L.E.:


  • Help Professional Drivers To Save Time with Trip Planning,

  • Help Professional Drivers To Make Fast But Accurate Load Decisions,

  • Help Professional Drivers To Identify Acceptable and Unacceptable Loads,

  • Help Professional Drivers To Let Nothing or No One Stop Them From,


BOTTOM LINE: We Intend To Build Apps That Keep Professional Drivers Safe and Profitable!

Why? Simply because we're Truckers too and because of this firsthand experience,  we know that which is required to actually make a difference.

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