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At Young And Healthy Marketing, we have a 48 hour refund policy because we are committed to you, value you as our customer and understand that under certain circumstances that you may find that you no longer require the use of our apps and may decide to request a refund.

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​Please read on for more details about our refund and cancellation policy effective December 1, 2021.


We do not take orders on our website and you will never make a direct payment to Young And Healthy Marketing. All orders are currently placed by you on either PayPal, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store therefore you must first follow the refund procedures of these entities prior to requesting a refund from Young and Healthy Marketing LLC. In most cases we may not  receive the proceeds of your purchase from the App Store or Play Store for up to 30 days of your purchase and in that event we receive 70% of your full purchase price. In this regard we ask that you make your first request for a refund with the Party of which your purchase is made.

Period of Validity for All Refund And Cancellation Request:

Your request for a refund or cancellation must be made within 48 hours of your Original Purchase Date and Time.

Prohibited Refund Request:

  • Purchasing our Apps for use in unauthorized countries. Authorized Countries include those countries specifically for which the apps were built ie, Australia, European Union, Canada, and the United States.

  • Continually Purchasing our Apps and immediately requesting a refund.

  • Purchasing our Apps for the sole purpose of copying or building derivative apps using emulators or simular software products.

  • Requesting Refunds stating that you brought the App by Mistake for the sole purpose of Buyers Remorse.

To prevent Fraudulent Refund Request, your request for a refund must include all of the following information:

  • Your First and Last Name

  • Your Telephone Number

  • Your email Address

  • To whom Your Purchase was made (ex, PayPal, the App Store, or Play Store)

  • A Certification Statement that you have not requested or received a refund from any other Party: (ex, I Your Name certify that I have not  requested or received a refund from any other Party involved with this purchase nor have I been denied a refund by any other Party involved with this purchase.) (Does not apply to subscriptions)

  • The date of your purchase

  • Your Order ID

  • A Certification Statement that you have removed our Apps from all of your devices: ( ex, This is to certify that on  Date and at Time, I Your Name have removed all versions of the App purchased from all of my devices and I am no longer using the App. 

  • The reason you are requesting a refund.


Refund Request Received:

Upon receiving your request for refund, the following actions will be taken:

  • Confirmation that your request is within the Validity Period of our Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Confirmation that your refund is for a one-time purchase and not a subscription.

  • Confirmation by Order ID that an actual purchase was made

  • Confirmation by Order ID that you have not received a refund from any other Party

  • Confirmation that your device is no longer active on our Server unless your purchase was a subscription. 

    • NOTE: If you purchased and requested a refund on a stand alone app your full account will be deactivated from the server to ensure that you no longer have access to our apps. This will negatively affect your ability to get future upgrades and access to your apps should you change devices. ​

Cancellation Request Received:

  • Subscriptions cancelled after the validity period will be cancelled per your request and will remain active on the server through the current month of purchase but no longer billed. No refund will be issued!

  • One-time purchase cancellations received within the validity of our refund policy will be cancelled per your request, A refund will be issued, and your login credentials will be removed from the server on the day of your request.


Reasons For Denial of Your Refund Request: 

  • You failed to make a request for refund within the Validity Period of our Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • You failed to submit the information required by our Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • We cannot confirm that a purchase was made

  • You received a refund from another Party

  • You were denied a refund by another Party

  • You Purchased the App for use in an Unauthorized Country.

  • You have received a previous refund of one of our apps but continue to make purchases and request refunds

  • Your Device is still active on our server (Does not apply to subscriptions)

Refund Processing:

All approved refunds will be processed within one business day of funds received from the Party of which you placed your Original Order. All refunds will be forwarded via PayPal. Refunds of orders received via PayPal will be less the PayPal processing fees incurred while processing your order.


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