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The Trucker Trip Planner Helps You To Plan Your Work And Rest So That You Can Manage Your Time More Effectively!

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The trucker trip planner is used in conjunction with the working hours calculator of the Time Requirements page to help you to layout your work and rest plan.


Once you know that you have the hours of service to run the load and that the load is profitable or that you can expect to make up for whatever loss you'll incur by running the load, then it's a good idea to plan the work so that you can stay on track and deliver the load on time. To help you do this you can simply plot it out on the trucker trip planner and it will be there for you to refer back to when ever you need it.

You can follow the instructions on the The trucker trip planner form and you can watch our tutorial on how to use the form but it's very simple to use. just simply layout your hours based on the start time and the hours of service rules and you will be okay. The form is designed to add the hours on the right to help you stay on track.


Now that you have laid out your work and rest plan you should now plan the best route. If you don't have a navigation system, We recommend that you take a good hard look at smarttruckroute.


Get access to the truckers trip planning app now.

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