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Earn a generous Five Percent Commissions with our Customer Referral Program each time you refer other drivers who purchase and use the Truckers Trip Planning Apps.

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We are happy to announce that we are now offering 5 percent Commissions to each of our loyal members who are helping the Truckers Trip Planning Apps Grow. Commissions will be paid for each new Driver that you refer. We are hoping that you will see that we appreciate you while at the same time we hope that you see this as an opportunity to earn some extra cash for meals and incidentals to offset your expenses while in the truck.

Note: Commissions will be Paid for Website Purchases Only. Be sure to inform your referral of this to ensure they purchase on the website rather than the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!


To Participate You Must Be A Member Of The Website:

Simply Click on the "Members" Link in the footer area of the website under "Support" to join:

Once you register you will be taken to your "Account Page" where you can obtain your "Referral Code" that has been generated for you. This is the code that you will need to provide to each of the drivers that you tell about the Truckers Trip Planning Apps.

How the Program Works:

Each time your referral makes a purchase, he or she will need to add your referral code in the section for the referral code on the purchase form. Each referral will be added to our order records with the name associated to the referral code. At the end of each month we will tally up all of your referrals and send out your commissions appropriately.


How You Get Paid:


Your Commissions will be paid to you only through "PayPal" on the 15th of the month following the purchase. A list of your referrals will be forwarded to you via the email address you have setup as your contact email. 

Please ensure that the contact email on file is the email address associated with your PayPal Account to prevent problems with sending your commissions. You can edit this on your "My-Account" Page on the website.

If you need a PayPal Account you can get one for free:

  1. Go to 

  2. In the Top Right Corner Click on the "SIGNUP" Button

  3. Choose to create a Personal or Business Account. (A personal Account is good enough to receive your commissions)

  4. Complete the registration page and setup your account.

Promotion Tools:

While me may add more promotion tools in the future, currently the only tools available is "Word of Mouth" advertising of your Referral Code and a "Promotional Flyer" that you can add your code to and pass out to potential referrals. You can find the Flyer that is available for download below.

NOTE: Please do not create and use your own promotion tools unless you have gained our approval to use them!


Tell us what you think:

We welcome your questions and comments about our Referral Program. Please send us an email with your questions or concerns to

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