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The Truckers Trip Planning App for Solo Company Drivers helps you to quickly see if you have the hours of service to run your load, whether you can deliver your load on time, quickly respond to Dispatchers to accept the load, and the information you need for trip planning your load.


The Truckers Trip planning App For Solo Company Drivers Helps Company Drivers  To Quickly Recognize Acceptable or Unacceptable Loads!

Solo Company Drivers Truckers Trip Planning App Video

Solo Company Drivers Video

How Fast Can You Calculate The Required Hours of Service, The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), The Next Available Time (NAT), or Projected Time of Availability (PTA) For A Load?

Having the desired intent to make money while they are in the truck, Company Truck Drivers have a reasonable expectation that their Dispatchers will give them loads that they can effectively deliver on time and have additional loads available at it's completion.


Likewise, Dispatchers can be proactive in scheduling loads for their Company Truck Drivers when they can reasonably expect that Company Drivers will meet the time requirements of carefully planned loads. Because Dispatchers have the responsibility for several Truck Drivers, they need you to respond quickly as to whether or not you will be able to successfully run the loads that they assign to you. 


Quickly responding to your Dispatcher and maintaining a continuous on-time delivery helps the Dispatcher gain trust in you, results in your getting more miles, and in essence more miles equals more money.

Now with the Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Company Drivers, You Can Recap Your Hours of Service, Calculate The Hours of Service Required By A Load, Determine Your ETA and NAT, And Respond To Your Dispatcher with informed load decisions!

Dispatchers also have a reasonable expectation that once you have accepted your load that you will take responsibility for getting the load delivered on time. Therefore Solo Company Drivers need to be able to quickly identify those loads that they cannot deliver on time and be willing to reject those loads or at least help the Dispatcher realize that the load might need to be relayed from you to another Driver. 

Taking in consideration the information you need to make load decisions, and the time in which you need to process this information, the Truckers Trip Planning App for Solo Company Truck Drivers, provides Solo Company Truck Drivers with the necessary tools to make Fast, But Accurate Load Decisions in less than 5 minutes.

After you have accepted the load, and taking in consideration your need to properly manage your time and the need for truck specific routes, the Truckers Trip Planning App provide you with the necessary tools to assist you with Time Management to help you stay on time and maintain your continued on-time delivery.

The Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Company Drivers Workflow

The Truckers Trip Planning App For Solo Company Drivers  Screenshots


What Current Users Say:

"the most helpful app I have found for a newbie. at first I was kind of skeptical about purchasing this app, would it be worth the price, or not... A few weeks of using it, it is worth every penny. now I can tell my dm realistically, if I can run a load, and what my eta will be. I had some ? on the app the other day, and the guy who helped me out is the same person who made the app. the 1st time I called, he spent 3 hours helping me out. today, I had a log ? and he even helped me with that. thanks."

Bryan Barkley (Google Play)

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Trucker Trip Planner

Use The Trucker Trip Planner to plan your work and rest hours to help you ensure that you drive without stress while continuously achieving on time delivery.

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Commercial Truck Routes

Proceed to your delivery with Commercial Truck Routes that are specific to your load configuration and avoid low clearances and restricted routes. 

Truckers Expense Reports
Truckers Expense Reports - Accounting App

Setup your truck, Update your income, and post your load related expenses into your personal accounting system and attach photo receipts.

Follow this Workflow to Plan a new Load!

Hours of Service Rules

When planning a new load, you'll need to first select your hours of service preference. See the Truckers Trip Planning App supported hours of service rules.

Hours of Service - Recap Calculator

Use the  Hours of Service Calculator and the Recap Calculator to identify your hours of service available for a load and the hours of service to gain after midnight.

Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet With Multiple Stops

The Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet is the driving page for the rest of the App. Record Your Loads requirements here before using any other part of the App.

Hours of Service -  ETA Calculator

Review the Hours of Service Calculator and ETA Calculator to see the hours of Service required to run the load and to determine if you can achieve on-time delivery.

Truckers Weather App Icon
Truckers Weather App

Use the Truckers Weather App to make decisions based upon the current and future forecast of the weather at your current location and the stops along your route.

If you are ready to drive without the stress of not knowing whether you have the available hours to run a load or whether or not you'll be able to deliver the load on time, you should download the "Truckers Trip Planning App for Solo Company Drivers " TODAY!

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