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  • Built specifically for Team Lease And Owner Operators!

  • Recap Individual and Team Truck Driver HOS to see the Hours available for the Load.

  • Plan Team Truck Driver Loads with up to 8 stops including Rest Breaks.

  • Quickly Compare the loads required hours to the HOS available for the load.

  • Update your operating cost using the Trucking Cost Per Mile Calculator

  • Calculate the Revenue Generated using the Trucker Trip Sheet.

  • Check the Profitability to see if the load would result in a profit or a loss.

  • Keep Track of Income and Expenses with photo receipts.

  • FREE Pre-Trip and Post Trip Inspection App.

  • FREE Team Hours of Service App - ETA Calculator App.

  • FREE Profit and Loss Load Comparison App.

  • Use on Multiple Devices as long as the devices are yours.

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