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For your success, here are some very important resources that will compliment your truckers trip planning app. We are  not directly affiliated with these sites except that we use their services to help us succeed in our trucking business.


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Do you have a Trucking Industry Related Service that would be beneficial to our viewers? ​Contact us to see your service added to our list of resources. All we ask is that you return the favor.

Angels Way Transportation LLC


We are family owned, fully insured, and offer a host of services that will take care of your transportation needs. Getting something from Point A to Point B – quickly, affordably, and safely. We do it better than anyone. Whether you have a partial load or a full load, whether you’re sending freight across the country or across town, we have the right people at the right price. 

DAT TruckersEdge Load Board


Most Loads - Best Rates! DAT TruckersEdge is the internet's biggest load board, and the first choice of owner-operators. Starting at $34.95 / Month with the first 30 days free. 

Zoom Star Logistics


Zoomstar Logistics was started to help the small trucking company and independent owner operators with their own authority. As your reliable business partner, we plan your loads and dispatching needs to save you time and enhance your “profits”. No more lost time and money trying to find and negotiate loads with brokers/shippers. Zoomstar Logistics will book loads for you while you are on the road and handle all of the necessary paper work to get you paid. 

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KBY Truck Dispatching Services 


KBY Truck Dispatching Services LLC is ready to become an integral and invaluable part of your Motor Carrier team! Be sure to Get Started today in order to receive more information!

Certified Roadrunners Dispatch


Certified Roadrunners Dispatch, LLC, a  customer focused dispatching service specializing in finding freight for carriers with one or more trucks and offering high quality dispatch services that allow you to focus on the road while maximizing your earning potential.

Blitz Trucking Dispatch


Blitz Trucking Dispatch LLC is a VETERAN-OWNED trucking and logistics company specialized in providing reliable, dependable, and cost-effective truck dispatch services for Owner-Operators and Truckers. Headquartered in Douglasville, Georgia, we help truckers find top-paying loads and manage their back-office operations and administrative tasks, including load booking, route planning, paperwork, and Factoring.

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Trucking Momma Logistics


Looking for a Dispatch Service for your Trucking Business? Trucking Momma Logistics believes that Truckers are the backbone of America. Trucking Momma Logistics was created out of love and appreciation for Truckers. We support Truckers by providing the necessary support they need to efficiently operate their businesses. We take time to train our dispatchers and go through an in depth screening process to assure the highest standards are met. Checks us out and give us an opportunity to grow with you.

Dispatch Dashboard 


The number one tool MADE for freight dispatchers, brokers and logistics personnel. Streamline your processes. SuperCharge your Freight Dispatch Business!

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St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund


MISSION: To help over-the-road semi-truck drivers and their families who have financial needs due to current medical problems. Assistance may be in the form of direct payment to providers for household living expenses, insurance, prescription drugs, and some medical procedures. The SCF provides all applicants with information on how to negotiate price reductions with medical providers and hospitals. We normally do NOT pay medical bills. To provide health and wellness programs for drivers in hopes to prevent some medical illnesses. Some of these programs include health challenges, smoking cessation, and free flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines. 

Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association


It will prove worthwhile to join the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. After-all, this is the organization that keeps our best interest at heart and our advocates who has represented our trucking concerns to law makers since 1973. 

Smart Truck Route


Now you can get Truck Routes on your smartphone , iphone, or tablet. Its easy to use and helps you to avoid costly situations like low clearances, weight restrictions, and more. 

Road Swap
Road Swap


RoadSwap turns any gathering place into a swap meet.  Free app! As you travel, Swappers become visible along your route. You can find a nearby Swapper to buy from, sell to, or swap with anywhere you go. No phone number, no personal info, no fees. Just enter a username, a password, and an email, and you’re in! Totally FREE app. No ads!



Ever needed an Attorney  and had no idea how to find one that specialized in the field of your specific needs? Try Upcounsel! Here, you can post your needs and get proposals almost instantly from Attorneys in your area that can assist with your business needs. You can also research, read reviews by others, and personally select the Attorney you want to work with. 

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Boesen Law


Injured in the truck? Did you know that most states have a minimal time frame in which you must inform the company? Don't wait too late to do this before finding that your injury is serious and attempting to file a Workers' Comp Claim while the Company argues that it didn't happen in the truck. Also, most Attorneys do not understand the injuries that you can sustain while lifting the hood, pulling the release handle on the fifth wheel, cranking the landing gear, or even sitting in the driver seat shifting gears for extended periods of time, You need to get representation from an Attorney who does.  Do Yourself A Favor, Contact the Boesen Law Group immediately. I know from experience that they can defend your claim no matter where you or the Company is located and that they will provide the representation that you need. 

ParadigmShift Law LLP


Need Legal Representation for your Trucking Business? We use the services and  highly recommend  ParadigmShift Law LLP.


Founded in June 2015 by managing partner Glenn B. Manishin, ParadigmShift Law LLP represents the premiere application of Internet technology to the practice of sophisticated business law.  If you need highly skilled help and want to be assured that your legal representative understands your needs and will go through extremes to solve your legal issues at the least possible cost, then you can't go wrong. You'll find that Attorney Glenn Manishin is the most down to earth and caring attorney that you'll ever meet and prior to your hiring him he'll ensure that you understand up front what it would take to resolve your issue and how he will go aout accomplishing it. You'll love the ability to communicate with this Attorney and get fast responses to any questions you have. 

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