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Sep 6, 2017

How To Setup Multiple Stops and Back Hauls


In this video we show you how to setup multiple stops and back hauls using the Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet.


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  • Visit our Truckers Blog to learn more about how to use the Trucker Trip Planning Worksheet .
  • Q. If I am still on my current load and get a new dispatch, can I plan the load without loosing the data from my current load? A. Yes, Make sure you have saved and accepted your current load and then exit to the home screen. From the home screen select "plan a new load" and enter the workflow details of the new load. You can now view the reports and analyze the load for acceptance and save it. To reload your current load, return to the home screen and select "review current load" and then select "Saved Load" from the options that pops up.
  • Q. Does the Dispatch Worksheet support Back hauls? A. Yes. This is the same as using Multiple stops. For example: If you do a run picking up in Dallas, driving to Houston and back to Dallas, Then change the number of stops to (3). Dallas would be your Pickup, Houston would be your Stop 1 location and then Dallas would be your Delivery. All of your run would then be calculated into the Time Requirements for your Hours of Service, Required Hours, ETA, NAT (PTA) etc.


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