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Jan 16

Shipper/Delivery appointment time & date for multiple stops


Edited: Jan 16

I didn't see anyone else making comments or suggestions about this but if I'm wrong please link my comments to that post. I've been getting quite a few load assignments with multiple stops but if I want to add more than two drops, I can only add appointment time and date for the shipper and arrival time and date for the consignee, and no appointment times for any additional stops between. I think this would be a nice new feature to have with the app. Being able to see the time and dates for all stops would make it easier to keep those commitments when I can just look and see that friendly reminder on the application. Would this be feasible, please let me know in the comment section below.

This was suggested by a Team Driver before. In the original build of the Truckers Trip Planning App I had this but because I wanted to focus on showing you whether you could legally run the load from shipper to delivery regardless of how many stops was on the load, I took it out. Now that we have expanded the app with a whole lot more features other than just answering if you have the hours of service, if you can deliver on time, and whether the load is profitable, I think it would add much value to add this back in. Although you probably wouldn't have this situation much, it's a great idea to have it when you need it.

Mar 9Edited: Mar 9

I would also like to be able to have a place to add the dates and times for multiple stop loads. I had a load assigned to me earlier this week, that from pick up to delivery I could run with plenty of time, how ever, it wasn't until later when I put pen to paper, that I was able to finally figure out what had been bothering me about it. As it turned out, I could legally make the pick up, and final, but the stop in the middle, I couldn't legally make. I ended up having to turn the load over to a team, in order to keep the appointments. Had I know that when my dm first offered it to me, i would have been able to tell him i can't run it, and why, instead of committing to it, only to have to explain later, that I couldn't make the first drop on time. Luckily my dm caught it at the same time as I did, and we were able to get the load repowered with a team, instead of a solo driver. Now I am on a new load, again with multiple stops, but I had learned from before to look at the times for each stop, instead of just the big picture. My mistake cost me 1 day, and around 300 miles, but I learned a lot from it, and it could have been much worse.

Brian, I assume that you were held to the specific appointment time given in the dispatch and would like to know who set the appointment for the stop and how the appointment time was calculated.


I'm also confused as to how a solo driver has the required hours of service to reach the delivery on time but a team is required to make the first stop. Maybe I'm missing something! Curious though, what the distance was from your current position to the pickup and the distance from the pickup to the first stop.


When you have time, please call me so we can talk about this some more. I am confident that adding the appointment times is not enough. You also need the ETA Calculations for each stop.

Okay, I can see now that your stop 1 was 1400 miles from your pickup and that you had an appointment already set that you could not meet because you could not drive the hours needed without first taking a rest break while a team could run continuous. However if you had a delivery window for that stop without a specific appointment you had the time to make the stop.


I can see that the appointment being set without any calculations is the root of this problem. I believe we can add the appointments to the stop but this only identifies what has been given to you in the dispatch. It still does not tell you if you can make it.


Therefore, ETA calculations for the stop need to be added to the ETA Calculator so you can see when you can arrive for comparison to what you have been given which is what you did when you put it to pencil and paper. From there if you cannot make it then you will be able to convince the dispatcher right away to either relay the load or give it to someone else. Got it!

Mar 11

Every truck driver has had a scenario similar to this one but I'll be willing to bet that each driver had a different set of variables. The Truckers Trip Planning App can handle the numbers and numbers are reliable but you just never can predict the variables. Good luck and enjoy the application.

Marcel this is absolutely relevant! There are a lot of variables that have to come into play before an appointment can be set. Also these sane variables have to be considered before an ETA calculation can be made. A good example of why Copy Cats can't get this right is because they haven't figured out what all of these variables are. But as the developer of the Truckers Trip Planning App and a truck driver I realize the problems Brian faced in having a specific appointment time. I am going to work diligently to write these variables and provide the best possible answer so that we can easily inform our dispatchers of insane objectives.

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  • In the app, we have a place to put how many miles per hour we want the app to calculate its info on. That's great, if you put in an accurate number. When I first started, I was figuring everything at 60 mph. I figure, truck is governed at 65, so 60 should be a good number to work with. It wasn't until about week 3, that I started to take a hard look at why I seemed to always be running behind. The first thing i did, was to sit down and calculate how many miles per driving hour i was actually doing. As it turned out, over the previous 8 days, my avg was 53.2 miles per hour, and the previous 3 days, it was 54.6 mph. Then it dawned on me, that we don't always drive under perfect conditions. That weather, traffic, the weight of the load, and the route your given all work against you. Since that day, the first thing I do, is find my avg mph from the last 8 days, and the last 3 days, and use the lower number in the app. As a consequence of doing this, I haven't been late to any more appointments, and I feel more comfortable telling my dm what I can realistically do with any given load, because using that average, helps to take into account things like weather and traffic. As a side benefit, it also gives me a goal to improve upon. Bringing that avg up, and forces me to pay even stricter attention to my clock, and driving habits, because it shows me if I am driving not just safely, but also profitably. And that has had a huge impact on my checks, and my stress level. It would be nice if the app had a place to track those two figures for people like me, so we can be more accurate with our times, instead of just guessing. Not to mention that the formula I can up with is a lot to type into a calculator, and I am not that good at setting up spreadsheets to make on of my own to do the calculations for me. Maybe it could be added to the same page as the hos recaps, or a page on it's own. I have looked for an app that will do this for me, but I haven't found any, anywhere. So in the meantime, its pen, paper, and a calculator for me. I will gladly share the formula I use with anyone who wants it.
  • When I am driving, I am running routing side of this app on my tablet, to help me along the way. I like that on the main route screen it shows what the current weather radar is showing, but in navigation mode, it doesn't. Currently, I am also running the "my radar app" on my phone, also while driving, because it shows me, what the weather looks like ahead of me, and also the wind speed and direction where I am at, so I can make the decision if it is safe to keep driving or if I need to shut down till the storm passes. But unfortunately, my phone will only keep the screen on for ten minutes, and I lose it if some one calls me, both of which require me to take my attention the road, to restart that app on my phone, or proceed with out it. To me, as a very new driver, driving in the northern U.S., in winter, having that information is the most important piece. I have already ran into a situation where I should have shut down for the night, and didnt, because I didn't know that the weather in western Montana was worse in front of me. Thankfully I was able to get to the next rest stop safely. It would be nice, and a lot easier for me, if I got all of that information one one screen.
  • As a company driver, I am very goal orientated and like to stay organized. Therefor, here are a few ideas that I would like to see as a possible update in the future, until then, will still have to do things the old fashion way... paper and pencil = Notepad on laptop, lol. -----> All below is a suggestion and placement doesn't matter. *** Under [ Load Info ] *** Odometer reading > Start > Finish >> Pay for load gets added to generated income automatically. >>> Settings should have: / Pay Rate (cpm) , / Drop Pay Rate, / Detention Rate, (setting for how many hours) / Break Down Pay, / Tarp Pay, / Other. ---> Perhaps an input box for Reimbursements to manually fill in for company expense to be added to your generated income. -------> A check mark or tic [BOX] when you scaled a load. ~ Extra brownie points ~ >> Drop down to allow for input .... Steer Axle: Drive Axle: Trailer Axle: Gross Weight: AND/OR Allow for a picture to be taken of the scale ticket. *** New Tab for Weekly Goal *** [ Able to select when cut off for pay week ends and what time. This allows the tab to start over. ] {Without Goals, you can't have ambitions} > Miles - for pay week > Pay - miles from that pay week > Over / Under on Paid weekly miles > Days to cut off ----> [not as important but might be useful to some] > Miles to Goal - for week ~ Extra brownie points ~ >> Monthly to yearly 2D line chart to see your progress (miles), given to you by your company. This will keep you on track for the yearly pay raise and or bonus. *** Under [ Balance Sheet ] *** > Profit and Loss on miles. ----> Even as a company driver, your goal is to drive the amount you are paid and not much more. This tool always for improvement and to keep accountability. What do I mean for accountability? If your company gives you a load and route, this tool will allow for data to be stored for any discussion that might arise on why a trip took longer than what the company might have thought it would take. The DM only see miles and they(miles) are not always right.


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