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Aug 21, 2017

Multiple Stops


Q. Does the Dispatch Worksheet support multiple stops?


A. Yes. You can include up to eight stops on the worksheet. To do this you can click on the number of stops to change it so that you can see the additional parts of the form that you need. Always consider your pickup and your delivery as two stops.

Trip is known as a journey for moving from one place to another place for dispatching the worksheet and the sheet to make arguments. The session of question and answering has a segment in reviews with the situation of supporting the multiple workshops.

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Nov 11

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  • Q. If I am still on my current load and get a new dispatch, can I plan the load without loosing the data from my current load? A. Yes, Make sure you have saved and accepted your current load and then exit to the home screen. From the home screen select "plan a new load" and enter the workflow details of the new load. You can now view the reports and analyze the load for acceptance and save it. To reload your current load, return to the home screen and select "review current load" and then select "Saved Load" from the options that pops up.


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